Wednesday, 10 October 2012

KCWC, and Oliver+S meets the Doctor


It's already day 3 and I'm late to the party, but have been sewing away for the past few days, trying to conquer knits (or maybe my fear of knits - is there a word for that?) with the help of the O+S Hopscotch pattern.

I've just finished an Oliver+S jumprope dress, and thought I could predict its associations - surely it would be steeped in Charlie and Lola, as my sewing friend Lotta pointed out last week.

But no. I stitched it last week, immediately after watching the finale of this season's Dr Who, and it turns out to be a Who dress which makes me want to sob.

Luckily, this happy little music box dress makes me smile again...

And as for those Hopscotches, I'll be back with photos soon.


  1. Oh, Catherine, what sad associations! The episode was indeed very sad, but I liked the ending. Now if Moffat could somehow write River out of the Library alive so she can go off and have lots more adventures I would be one happy chook.

    I hope you can see Lola in it soon enough. I think it's adorable, but certainly not angelic;)

  2. Love the dress and jumper! Can't wait to see the Hopscotches.;)

  3. I still have not watched it!!!!
    Thank goodness for i-view!

    Sweet tops.
    xx N