Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Flat S in England...

We've has a very special visitor in the Runcible household this week: Flat S sailed over from America on her way around the world.

 It was a little bit magical having her to stay - as though a story-book character had stepped off the page and come to play! After all these years sewing O+S patterns, I was a little bit in awe at first, but the children just got on and played with her.

The story of her adventures with us is over on the O+S blog today, and now she's sailing away to her next destination...

Happy Travels, Flat S!

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A little change to make life better

This was my peg bucket.

It said 'PEGS' in big friendly letters on the side, and so I always believed that it must have some special powers to make it perfectly suited to peg storage... and yet it was almost completely unfit for purpose. 

Sometimes I found snails living inside it. 

Then I had a revelation: other people use peg bags. Last week's phone cosy process works equally well for a simple little bag. I scaled it up a little, added a shoulder strap, and used a morsel of precious Japanese linen for the flap.

The stripy fabric is from Cath Kidston (with a sturdy interfacing) and the lining is grey gingham from Ikea.

 I feel like a proper grown-up with my bespoke peg bag, and it lives indoors, where there are no snails.

Why didn't I think of that before?