Saturday, 13 October 2012

A short sewing story

I had a whole afternoon to myself today.

So naturally I decided to sew.

I felt brave, so I tried something new: a log cabin block, from this inspiring tutorial.

And another one:

Why are they a bit rectangular? 
Well - I had a plan. I was going to make a Kindle case, and modelled my blocks on the dimensions of the Kindle.

So far, so good.

But then it all got a bit complicated. My batting wasn't quite thick enough to defend the Kindle against knocks and drops, and I very much wanted to end the day with a completed project.

(Ok - I was impatient).

I used this tutorial to quilt each block separately, and decided to trim them both a bit and make a toddler-sized tote bag.

But then the overlocker got involved and began to misbehave.

My blocks were being trimmed into oblivion, and it was no longer fun. At all.

And then at last the solution came to me...

Wasn't I just saying I needed a pincushion?
And what better way to keep my favourite fabrics always on display?

Woohoo, fun again!

And finished in time for the school run.