Wednesday, 29 September 2010

My first post... and why

Why would a luddite like me ever embark on writing a blog?

Generally, I like to write on paper, ideally with a pencil and in a nice notebook, sometimes with a cup of tea next to me as well.

But recently my sister-in-law introduced me to the Craftster website
 and in particular the kids clothing page. I love it! - especially when there's a story behind a project. I love the process of creating something new, and the little bits of history which are woven into each piece.

So, here's a little dress I made last week.

the sugar city village frock - shortened to a smock
 I saw it originally on the From an Igloo blog and loved it, but the pattern was out of print. So I started looking at pictures of it on Flickr, wondering if I could recreate it without a pattern (and realising it was quite unlikely), and happened across a link to a shop in Ohio which still had the pattern in stock. April in Ohio posted it around the world to me, and here it is.

and here's the back view

It all means that this evening I'm feeling quite friendly towards the technology, and thinking it might feel friendly towards me as well.

But there was another reason why this dress prompted me to start writing this.

My husband looked at our gorgeous daughter in her lovely new smock and said, "It makes her look like a hemulen".

I'm thrilled to be married to a man who can critique a garment with a relevant moomin reference (clearly my soulmate) but I'm thinking there are people out there who might appreciate the finer details of the construction, like these three little buttons picking up the colours of the fabric, or their velvet ribbon loops. And I'd love to hear comments from them - or you? -  as well.

and the buttons (quite excited about these)
Welcome to my world! I've enjoyed writing my first post, with a cup of tea close at hand for reassurance. It's all going to be ok...