Sunday, 30 September 2012

A (sort of) public service announcement

A few months ago my husband read a newspaper article about a professional seamstress who had inhaled a pin and who then went on to have major surgery with life-long consequences in order to remove it. After that he started to look a bit jittery whenever I put pins in my mouth (which was often).

A few weeks later, feeling slightly hen-pecked, I went back and read the article myself... and haven't put a pin near my mouth since. The instinct to do so it still there, so I have to consciously stop myself every time. And every time it happens I think: 'must put this on my blog'.  Then I think: 'this is why proper grown-up sewists use pin-cushions'.

I've never had a pin-cushion of my own, though I did once make one at school as a gift for my mother. Perhaps my subconscious has been waiting for one of my children to do the same for me, but, on reflection, I realise they probably don't do that in schools any more.

So, off to make one of my own. Maybe it will be like coming of age as a seamstress.

I'll be back with some actual sewing soon.


  1. I do the same thing now...I go to hold a pin in my mouth and remind myself about that article. Thanks for sharing the PSA!

  2. I did not know about this and I am a big time pin in mouth holder! I would never have thought this was even possible. I don't generally have a lot of phobias but my one weird phobia is doing something silly or seemingly harmless and suffering enormous consequences. Thank you for the alert on this! -- Sarvi