Friday, 22 October 2010

Embracing imperfection...

Here is the new-look, super-quick 'perfect' bib. I think I've stumbled on the secret of the ideal bib: it must be slightly faulty. Otherwise, you might not want to cover it in goo on a daily basis. (I have a couple of venetian lace bibs - they are really very beautiful - and they have never been near a pea puree, or even a baby).

So wonkiness in the stitching and glitches in the bias tape are here to be celebrated. This  is all about speediness

These are the components:

- a very old flannel.
- two rectangles of patterned cotton, each at least 10' by 13', or a fat quarter folded in half.
- 130cm (ish) bias tape 

The pattern measures 10 inches across, 8.5 inches from neckline to base, and 13.5 inches in total from top to bottom - it's a bit more generous than most, so it will work for very messy babies. The inside neckline measures 12 inches.

And here's the method:

Sandwich the flannel between the cotton rectangles, right sides facing out.
Pin here and there around the sandwich.

Sew through all three layers using a straight stitch to form a wide zig zag pattern,
first from side to side, then top to bottom of the rectangle.

Don't be tempted to cut the bib shape yet, this stitching will save a lot of pinning later on.

Here's a detail photo to show how it should look when it's stitched.

Now cut it out, all three layers together...

... and bind around the edges with bias tape - fold it around the raw edges of the bib, and sew through all the layers using a short, wide zig zag stitch to catch both sides of the bias tape at once. 
No need to pin anything, hooray!

But - my home-made bias tape was just a smidgen too short.  I decided to celebrate this, in the spirit of embracing small imperfections, and patched it up with a contrasting colour.  I'm quite liking it this way - what do you think?

Attach your fastening of choice - I chose the instant gratification of press-on snaps.

All done! - and in super-quick time, even allowing for making my own (slightly too short) bias tape, and for taking photos.

Please feel free to use this pattern for whatever purposes you wish, but I'd be grateful if you would link back to here as runcibledays is still a blog in its infancy and needing all the help it can get.

Do let me know how speedily your bibs come together! I would love to see your pictures on flickr...

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  1. I've been looking for a quick-and-easy method - this is it! I'll definitely give it a try.

  2. hello Erica - so glad you like it! I'd love to see how your bibs turn out as well. Happy sewing!

  3. ooohh! This might work for me! My Step daughter went to the hospital to have her first baby today....Maybe I still have time!

  4. Hope the new baby has arrived safely, and that you had time for your sewing too.
    Congratulations on the new small one!

  5. Everyone needs the "perfect" bib! Thanks for sharing, I have a new neice or nephew on the way and they might be wearing some of these:)

  6. Glad you like it! Let me know if you make one for the new baby, i'd love to see it...