Sunday, 3 June 2012

Jubilee Jamboree

It's the Queen's Diamond Jubilee today, and we've been celebrating in very traditional style with a street party, complete with bunting, a bouncy castle, and a sit-down meal at trestle tables set up down the middle of the road. Oh - and a theme - 'Pirates and Princesses".

I did some craft activities with the children: a bit of flag making (and waving)...

... and some swashbuckling pirate crafts.

Look at me channelling Damian Hirst with my diamond encrusted skull&crossbones...

Son#1 wrote the quiz:

How many Prime Ministers have served under Queen Elizabeth 2? 
Which of the queen’s children have taken part in the Olympics? 
Name one of the Queen’s Corgi’s? (Any of the options here are correct) 
What was the average UK house price in 1952?

What year did Queen Elizibeth have her ANNUS HORRIBILUS?  

How old was Queen Elizibeth when she was coronated?  
How many official residences does the Queen have?   
Who was Dr Who’s companion in the episode set during the Queen’s coronation?

How many Grand-Children does the Queen have? 

What sort of ship is RMS Queen Elizibeth? 

When was the Queen born? 

What year was Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee? 

Who sung “Diamonds are a girl's best friend”?

When was the Queen Elizabeth Bridge completed?

When was the Queens most recent great-grandchild born? 

What famous building is opposite the Queen Elizabeth II conference centre in London?

What are the royal guards that wear read coats called? 

How many British monarchs have reached 50 years on the throne? 

Which naval ship officially started the diamond jubilee celebrations? 

Name one of Neil Diamond’s No1 hits.

Answers to follow!


  1. Looks fab!
    The flags are great, and wow, the quiz! Clever boy - he did very well with the questions (I need to wait for the answers!)

  2. Fabulous flags Catherine! I was following along a bit in the celebration reports on Twitter and from what I understand you're pretty lucky not to have been rained out with the rest of the country.

    I'm itching to reply to your questions, but I would have to google more than half of them...

    I'll just do the ones I think I know without help (out of order):

    The companion was Rose - of course - who can forget that spiel about the Union Jack/Union Flag (which apparently was incorrect I've since heard)

    The child taking part in the Olympics is either Anne or Edward. Anne with a horse or Edward with a boat or a gun?

    Her Annus Horribilus must have been 1997/1998 just after Diana died (we moved into our first flat together 1996/1997 and I know we lived there when Diana was killed in September so that must have been 1997 and then her bad luck went on for the next year - I suppose)

    I want to say she was 26 when she was coronated, which would make her 86 now .. sounds right as I don't remember her turning 90, but I'm kind of sure she's turned 80.

    As for grandchildren - there's the 2 boys and the 2 girls (Charles's and Andrew's), Anne has a girl and a boy? And Edward has one child so .. 7?

    I'm kind of sure Edward's was the latest grandchild but I have no idea when s/he would have been born.

    Diamonds are a girl's best friend was sung by Marilyn Monroe (bonus points: Who got sort of accidentally engaged to the Doctor that one time at Christmas ;-) )

    The Royal Guards in red coats? Lobsterbacks? Beefeaters (aren't those the ones at the Tower though ...)

    British monarchs with 50 years on the throne? Well, there's Elizabeth I, Victoria I and Elizabeth II. But I have no idea of any kings have lasted as long ...

    That's all I have. ;-)

  3. Your son did well with the questions... some of them hard to answer. I love your pirate craft activities, they look fantastic.

  4. Love the quiz and I maybe know 1 or 2 of the

    Looks like a fun time!

  5. Thank you all! Especially Lotta for such a good attempt at the quiz. I'll post some answers soon.