Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Instant PJs - just add bed-time

For all my talk of slow and mindful stitching, there are time when just want to start a project this evening and finish it yesterday - especially when I'm making a trial-run, more-or-less-a-muslin for a long-planned project. I've been planning to make some nice summery pyjamas for a long time, and had even bought some decadent Liberty silk, but wasn't quite brave enough to cut into it without a bit of experimentation first.

Meanwhile, my pile of Burda-style magazines was becoming a secret source of guilt - I must have collected at least twenty of them without ever using any of the patterns. It was something to do with the tracing, plus adding seam allowances, that meant I fell at the first hurdle every time. So, I took drastic action, and cut out a pattern for a pair of shorts directly from the pattern paper...

Outrageous extravagance, or pragmatic solution? 
(given that I'd probably never have made the other thirty patterns from that issue anyway).

Anyway - they came together in a twinkling. With a double row of waist-band elastic copied from the Colette Madeline bloomers.

Then I added a matching Sorbetto top from last summer...

Instant PJs! All sewn up and ready in time for bed.

Shall I risk cutting into the silk now?