Monday, 21 November 2011

Knock knock...

Who's there?

It's my friend Justine at the door, with a bowl of gloop...

... and some (well-used) instructions...

... for a sourdough cake called Herman.

I'm very excited about having Herman in our family, having been wanting to try a sourdough recipe for ages. The children were dubious at first, but have started to enjoy him now: they come downstairs in the morning and ask 'is Herman still alive?', and they enjoyed feeding him his first top-up of flour, milk and sugar. It's like having a very quiet and undemanding pet. He does smell a bit - somewhere between 'delicious' and 'odd' depending on your perspective - and needs less maintenance than the cat, but slightly more than the goldfish.

Someone once told me that pets are very important to children because they teach them about death - she was a child psychologist, and she recommended hamsters for their short life-span. 

Back to the cake - as I'm not sure where that last sentence was leading - we're now on day 6, Herman is bubbling away happily, and we're still planning to eat him at the end of the process.

Photos to follow...


  1. Can't wait to see the pictures. I've never tried sourdough anything. Always been interested too. And we've had 2 hamsters and they do have a very short lifespan. Interesting to hear that it's good for kids to experience death. Grace took the first death very hard. 2nd one was easier.

  2. It is edible? Is it a bit like home brew?
    I shall be watching with interest!

    My children should be well adjusted then,our pet cemetery is huge!

  3. Oh, this is going to be yum! Can't wait for part 2.... :-)
    (sourdough and bread feature heavily in the book I'm currently reading - the latest Corinna Chapman mystery by Kerry Greenwood - very light fiction but fun! Set in Melbourne)