Saturday, 26 November 2011

Linking and thinking - a small post about the O&S puppet show dress

I've just bought the Oliver+S puppet show pattern - now available as a PDF, and taking instant pattern gratification to new levels. I would probably have bought any pattern which O+S chose to make available digitally, just to encourage them to produce more, but I was especially excited that they chose to start with this one because I've been wanting for ages to copy Janimal's amazing Snow White version.

But, while I wait for my little girl to learn to recognise the Disney princesses (and it might be a long wait, with my husband hard at work protecting her from their dubious influences) I've found another puppet-show-a-like to keep me going. Teal, from the wonderful 'Abney and Teal' wears a long-sleeved version with patch pockets and a gingham trim. Off to look for fabric at once...


  1. I joined Liddy up but unfortunately she can look but not play!
    It doesn't seem to work here...

  2. What a shame! At least she has the wermaids to keep her going.

  3. I bought it too!! so excited that they are offering them in pdf form!! Finally! :)