Friday, 10 January 2014

Hook a duck (quack)

A belated Happy New Year from runcibledays!

I'm celebrating 2014 with a new sewing icon: the multi-talented Scarf Lady, from Sarah and Duck. Scarf Lady is inseparable from her grumpy carrier bag, and she has a colour-coded wool store in her loft (where the oddments live a secret life of their own). She keeps a donkey in her garden. She is terrible at remembering faces, but good at keeping up with her friends. She can knit trumpets, tree-cosies and hot air balloons.

I don't know whether to worry that I'll end up like Scarf Lady, or to see that
as an aspiration.

Anyway, although I still can't knit (too afraid of all those little stitches) my friend Carol has taught me to crochet, and I am smitten.  I love that there is only ever one stitch which can unravel, and so incidents with cats or toddlers can always be put right.

Also, it's like sewing, but I can do it from the sofa. Bliss.

And there's a whole world of beautiful wool and yarn to be discovered.

But mostly I just wanted to make a duck.

Or two.

I'm very grateful to Jo Clark who designed and shared the Duck pattern.
(I'm hoping she'll do a hot air balloon next.)

Clearly any little girl with a Duck will need a hat to match...

... and perhaps a bunny (from a pattern which came from the library, I'll give credit where it's due if I can find the book again) ...

... and a Christmas stocking, or three (based on a pattern from Deramores).

The only question is: do the children in my life really need more crocheted animals? 

And how will I know when it's time to stop?

(Although Scarf Lady wouldn't worry about a thing like that.)


  1. Oh Catherine, I adore that duck!
    You are so clever.

  2. Thanks, Nicole! It makes me very happy to see how much she loves him.