Monday, 16 December 2013

All he wants for Christmas...

Christmas is go in the Runcible household: we have tinsel, fairy lights, candles, glitter, mince-pies, and mystery decorations made at pre-school. 

So why does my husband look a little bit afraid, a little bit anxious, a little bit like a man haunted by an unspeakable dread?

I think I might have the answer.

He had suggested some practical - and fairly specific - Christmas gifts:
 cycling gear, socks, books.

Could it be that he's afraid I might be baking, stitching, crafting or crocheting all of the above?

The socks must be a particular worry.

So, will I be knitting reflective bicycle clips this Christmas?

Watch this space...


  1. Knitted bike shorts with cushioned bottoms would be hysterical.

  2. lol
    Wouldn't that be wonderful? (I would love to see your knitted versions)

  3. Oh, yes to Nicole's suggestion!
    I do so hope you are intending at least one of his presents to be a crafted one :-)

  4. Be afraid, very afraid!;)lol