Tuesday, 23 April 2013

There's sewing all around us...*

It's day#2 of Kid's Clothing Week.

And the final of The Great British Sewing Bee.

And my local sewing shop is doing crochet classes.

And I have a lovely new dressmaking book.

And my friend Lucy is looking for a pattern to make a first-ever dress home-made dress for her daughter.

I'm not sewing anything. All the activity is just too distracting.

But I am making a bid for Lucy to try out the Oliver+S Rollerskate pattern, on the basis that every little girl should have at least one. This version was constructed with her daughter in mind, knowing how very important pinkness would be to her, and with the elastic casing dropped to waist level to appeal to the 4 year-old/princess aesthetic...

Must go - there's so much sewing to watch, read about, discuss...

I might even do some.

*(to the tune of 'Love is all Around', of course).

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