Sunday, 14 April 2013

A trail of internet inspiration

My little runciblegirl had a birthday last month, and she's at an age where presents for her doll count as presents for her. 

Preparing for her birthday was a bit like arranging a very tiny baby shower.

First, a nod to the practicalities with some nappies made from a pattern by Skip to my Lou, and a tutorial from Bee in my Bonnet. The moment of true sewing genius in the tutorial comes when she suggests using flannel for the lining because it clings to the outer fabric and eliminates the need for pins. Oh so clever. I'm not a great lover of pins, and I do like a timesaving shortcut.

The little case for baby wipes was copied from Making More with Less (and incidentally, she also links to an alternative pattern for dolls' nappies, as well as an elegant little changing bag). I only had tiny scraps of the floral by this stage and was using it sparingly.

The little wipes are just pieces of flannel cut with pinking sheers and ironed to give them a crease - yet they're one of runciblegirl's favourite things in the whole set.

Of course, a baby will needs some bibs. I used a miniaturised hybrid pattern based partly on my own bibs, and partly on a scaled down version of another favourite (life-sized) pattern from Amy at Lots of Pink Here. The Paddington fabric has been in my stash since son#1 was born over a decade ago, so it was a joy to use it again.

Such a well-equipped doll might need to go on excursions outside the house, so I added a Teddy Bear Carrier from Little Things to Sew - quick to make, and a chance to use some beautiful buttons.

And then, the day before the birthday, up popped a bag pattern on Pinterest which was just right for the last remnants of dolly fabric. I'll do it differently (= much more carefully) next time, but runciblegirl loves it, so all's well.

Just a quick note on the bag: the pattern is in Japanese (I think) which I don't speak, but the photographs are meticulous and take you through ever step. My funny little bag was made in haste! Next time I'll be more particular about copying the proportions of the illustrated pattern pieces.

Happy Birthday, little runciblegirl!

And thank you, to all the generous people whose patterns I've used. They are being well used and well loved.


  1. So many lovely gifts for her to use while playing with her doll!:) I hope she had a wonderful birthday!

  2. Hope she had a lovely day! Gorgeous gifts.

  3. My little girl is at this age too. I love your wipes! Have you seen the tutorial for fake baby doll poo? Hilarious.