Monday, 13 August 2012

Saving the best for last (Ikea #4)

This floral print was the original and best IKEA fabric - for me - which I bought a couple of years ago with no particular plan in mind.

As so often, after a long wait a plan evolved: my old handbag was battered beyond redemption...

... so I chopped it up (saving those jingley metal bits for another day)...

... and appliqued the handbag lining, with its handy little pocket, onto the lining of a new tote bag.

(Not perfect, but no-one outside this blog will ever see that.)

Then I stitched it all up. It would have been quicker if I'd remembered to attach the straps first time, but even with a bit of seam-ripping it was a swift project.

And there's the inside pocket - so useful, and almost effortless.

Next time, if I don't have another handbag to sacrifice, I'll be using this new tutorial from LiEr at Ikat Bag. How did she know exactly what I was needing?


  1. I love this fabric!! It makes a nice bag. Funny coincedence...the mailman delivered a yard of the exact same print (among other things) to me today.:)

    I only have one bag at a time and use it until it dies!
    Now I know what to do with it!
    Thank you!

  3. Clever you to reuse the pocket!
    I'm a one bag girl too :-) - and my last one just died....

  4. Cute bag! The fabric is so cheerful and fun :)

  5. That's so cute. I never think about upcycling zippy's like that. Great job and I love the bright fabric.

  6. Thanks, everyone! Glad I'm in good company with my used-to-pieces old handbag as well.