Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Living the IKEA dream #2 (or not)

Oh, the best laid plans...

I had very specific intentions for this floral cotton from IKEA, and they did not involve upholstery at all (I was thinking of the Lisette Diplomat dress) but my smallest one had other intentions . She had managed to wear holes through both sides of her car seat, which turns out to be such an old model that it's no longer possible to buy new covers.

A small and masochistic part of me quite enjoyed the repair process (and the satisfying discovery that those grey side panels had originally been navy blue). I'm almost tempted to embark on a complete overhaul, inspired by this amazing pattern from expatria, but will probably opt for waiting for smallest one to grow into the next seat up, which for some reason is much less shabby.

Anyway, I shall be back soon with pictures of Pendrells, but as I've wandered so far off-topic here's a strangely uplifting link to the discovery of the world's earliest known bra. I can't construct a convincing narrative linking it to the car seat cover, but some things are just so good that they should be shared.


  1. So so much work!
    Awesome you!

  2. The car seat looks great - and as for that bra...!

  3. You've made the car seat very happy, I think!
    And that was such an interesting video, thanks for the link!