Friday, 9 March 2012

Let's never speak of this again

So, I traced a pattern from my Japanese book.

Knowing it was meant to made in a woven, I chose a knit.

A knit which had previously proved disastrous in not one but two other garments.

Knowing that my machine hates and fears twin needle sewing, I threaded a twin needle.

Knowing that baby would soon wake up, I sewed recklessly against the clock.

Did I not listen to myself at all last week?

The machine ate my fabric, and the needle too.

It was just what I deserved.

Time for some sewing rehab.

Patiently, and with care.


  1. Mother said there would be days like this!

  2. Oh, no, Catherine! Sounds way too familiar, really.....

  3. Ooh, I feel your pain! I keep chocolate in the pantry for occasions just like this