Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Bear ear tutorial

There was a lot of trial and error involved in making my bear ears last week!

Here's the technique which worked best:

(I might also be using it for bunny ears at Easter)

Here's my template - the solid lines are the cutting lines, and the dotted line is the stitching line which represents the actual size of the ears.

Cut four pieces of the larger size in your main fabric, and two of the smaller size in a contrasting fabric.

Here they are!

Place the smaller pieces in position, with the straight edges aligned, and attach them
(either by sewing or glueing - either works fine)

Now put the larger sizes together, right sides facing each other, so the  smaller inner pieces are sandwiched in between.

Sew around the curved edge using a 5mm seam allowance
(above left).

Now make a very small pleat at the base of the front piece of the ear, as shown above right. My pleat was about 5mm from the fold line, and I stitched about 1.5cm up from the base.

Turn through the open bottom part of the ear - see how the pleat makes it work?

Now you can stitch your ears to whatever you please. I attached them to a hoodie, but an alice band could work just as well...

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