Friday, 25 March 2011

and so to bed...

I've been taking the pyjama theme towards springtime with this pattern from 'Vintage Style for Kids' by Fiona Bell. Mixed feelings on this book: on the plus side, it has beautiful photography, the clothes are gorgeous in an Enid Blyton-esque way, and there are plenty of patterns for boys (not just pyjamas, but shirts and shorts as well). On the other hand, the instructions are brief to the point of unhelpfulness, and the computer printouts of the pattern pieces don't give any indication of scaling, so construction from this book is a hit and miss affair. On balance, possibly more of a coffee table book that a useful resource for making clothes.

Hmmm - that scaling issue may be the reason why son#2, aged 5, can only just squeeze into this pyjama top, in size 6...

It's nice enough, though, and should see a few nights of use. I did enjoy the pocket placement with those deck-chair stripes:

(please ignore the snaps where the buttons should be... I was looking for a quick finish once I'd realised it  wasn't likely to be a good fit)

For the trousers, I used a shorts pattern from 'Making Children's Clothes' but Emma Hardy. It's not so glam as the vintage clothing book, but it's an old favourite and it works every time!


  1. I must say I'm inclined to agree with you about the book, It looks beautiful and the photography is great but the instructions don't exist in any helpful capacity. I am a very experienced sewist and attempted the Hanky hem dress for my daughter which is now sitting in a box destined to remain a ufo simple because the pattern doesn't give any clear assembly instructions

  2. I feel for your frustration! I had just the same experience with the toddler romper suit, now a longstanding UFO (and too small for my daughter now it's languished for so long). The photography is so enticing though, I do keep going back and contemplating a go at another pattern. Or maybe the same pattern but a bit bigger - after all my complaints about the sizing, my son adores these PJs so much that he still squeezes into them a year later.

  3. I am so glad to hear that the pyjamas were successful after all! I always get so depressed when I look at my UFOs or unloved items but as I mainly sew with either quilting cotton or quilt quality fabrics I have decided that those I can't give away (because they are in no wearable state) will go into my scrap quilting cache so that they may live again so it isn't a complete loss.

    I have been lucky enough to find a shirt pattern very close the the Classic Shirt in Vintage Style but have you ever seen anything like the pin tuck shirt? My son is aching for one

  4. Hi , I just borrowed the vintage kids bood and cd from the library (also enticed by the photos!) and wanted to make the boys short sleeved shirt with an aloha print. Ive chosen the next size up for my son (hes just under two and ive seleced the 3-4 years size) but Im a bit confused about the part contours; there are two parallel contour lines but Im not sure if the inner line is intended for the smaller size and the outer contour is for the older size or are the lines for seam allowances? thanks so much for your help!

  5. Stacey - sorry, I haven't made the short sleeved shirt pattern so can't help you on that one, but I hope it works out well! I've been drawn back the that book recently - the photos are just so tempting.