Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Leibster adaptations

I had a lovely compliment last month from Natalie at Sewing Room Secrets, who nominated runcibledays for a Leibster Award. After looking through her beautiful blog I feel very flattered to be on her reading list. 

The only catch is that I had to answer eleven questions, and then pass eleven questions of my own on to eleven other blogs. That sort of challenge could set me procrastinating for years.

I muddled through the questions, though:

  • Sweet or savoury? (sweet, unless the savoury option were cheese, then maybe both)
  • A few really good friends or lots of acquaintances? (a few good friends for a night in, though lots of acquaintances can be nice for an afternoon at the park)
  • City girl or country? (live in the city but love the countryside especially when there are goats)
  • Morning person or night owl? (night owl who likes early nights)
  • What is the most unusual thing you have ever eaten? (I can remember the sausage which rendered me vegetarian twenty years ago)
  • What is your earliest memory? (not sure, but I can remember being very excited by cheese on toast at my kindergarten)
  • What is your favourite smell? (my babies, of course, and springtime)
  • What 3 words would you choose to describe yourself? (judging by the above: indecisive, indecisive and indecisive)
  • What qualities do you most treasure in a friend? (tolerance and tea-making skills)
  • How did you choose a name for your blog? (a long story beginning and ending with the Owl and the Pussycat)
  • Is there such a thing as ‘enough’ fabric? ('never')

    This next step might be cheating - but I like to think that it's still in the spirit of the Leibster award and its mission to encourage small blogs.

    Instead of nominating eleven blogs (and asking eleven questions) I'm going to mention just two (but they are both very much worth visiting):


    I met Sandi through the Oliver + S flickr group (before flickr turned to the dark side). She has just released her second pattern, the Little Man Tool Belt (it also works for little girls who want to stash away snail shells and bits of twig from the garden). I was lucky enough to be one of her pattern testers, and can absolutely recommend this pattern. It has lots of clever pockets, no raw edges, and plenty of clever toddler-friendly adaptations (adding a ribbon tab on the zip, for example).

    Amy and I bonded over the Sugar City Frock a few years ago, and since then her online shop and blog have gone from strength to strength. She is a master of clever cutting, and has also recently also released a pattern - a travel game set, which also links up with a binding tutorial on her blog.

    Thank you again, Natalie, 
    and please forgive me for rewriting the rules a little.