Saturday, 5 January 2013

A New Year naptime dress

A belated happy New Year from runcibledays!

And two new year sewing resolutions: to properly master buttonholes in 2013; and to sew only things which make me feel happy (because really there are enough pressures and deadlines in life without generating sewing angst as well). 
Few things could make for happier sewing than this little Peekaboo dress from Clothkits, which almost assembled itself during the children's naptime on New Year's day. 

Cutting and preparation took hardly any time as the pattern was printed on the fabric, and the kit included buttons, lining and thread. Bliss! I only had to use the seam ripper twice, both times because I had sleepily deviated from the instructions.

My favourite thing about this pattern is its button placket - super simple to construct, and so elegantly finished with all the raw edges hidden away. I was sewing snoozily after a late night and didn't take photos of the construction process, but luckily the lady at Clothkits has made a video tutorial for the Peekaboo dress, and the placket construction is here, starting at about 2m20s. It's worth watching even if you're not making this particular dress. If only I'd watched this before starting to sew, perhaps the seam ripper might never have been needed at all.

The lovely button placket (from the inside)

The buttonhole resolution came about when I realised that I was holding my breath for the duration of stitching each one. No wonder they felt stressful! Although they turned out quite well, especially considering that they were created without the benefit of oxygen. 

Wishing you all very happy sewing for 2013.


  1. It's darling! I love how neat the inside is finished.

  2. I love this dress,Catherine
    Good resolutions too - mine were similar last year, and will be for this year too (the sewing for fun one, anyway)

  3. Oh this dress is absolutely adorable!!
    Happy New Year!