Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Springtime Stashbusting

There is building work going on at runcibledays: the loft conversion is well under way. Consequently I'm being extra-thrifty, and trying stick to my good intentions of not buying any new fabric or patterns for a while. Having said that, the costs of the building project are so dizzying that they make ordinary everyday economies seem a touch futile. For just a fraction of the funds being poured into the roof, I could be splashing money on cashmere socks, and taking tea at the Ritz. But no matter - on to the sewing...

First of all, another ipod case from the Dog under my Desk tutorial. This one is for son#1, and follows the pirate-esque theme of his bedlinen, seen before in his bedside organiser.

Secondly, a sweet little romper suit for runciblegirl using Burda 9652 - quick and fun and summery. I've had the pattern for a long time and was a bit afraid she would have grown out of it, but fortunately the sizing seems more than generous and might even see us through this summer and into the next.

I may yet take the elastic out from the ankles - what do you think?

And my favourite, saved for last, a super-stashbusting owl pyjama case, also for runciblegirl.

(This is the slender version of Owl, flat on the kitchen table)

 I haven't seen pyjama cases for a while, but can remember having something similar when I was small. They were definitely part of the seventies childhood experience, along with Bagpuss and the Wombles. The beauty of Owl is that he uses up such a lot of hoarded fabric. His eyes are made of Dr Who shirt material, a present from my very generous friend Nicole, and his body is made of a blue floral which also found its way into the Doctor's shirt as the yoke facing. Owl's floral tummy pouch is a remnant from last summer's Village Frock, originally a gift from the lovely Amy at Lots of Pink Here. His beak and claws are an apple print left over from my venture into making baby shoes (part of a whole chapter of ill-advised pregnant sewing) and his wings are backed in leftovers from a floaty Sorbetto top.  He's lined with fleece from the Bear Ear Pyjamas.

(And this is the tubby version, stuffed with delicious pyjamas)

To put the cost savings into perspective, they probably equate to a couple of roof tiles and half a light socket. But it terms of sewing satisfaction, Owl is (as the Mastercard people would say) priceless.

(Just need to reassure you that son#2 will soon get something new as well. But first, one question for the Who fans: what would the Doctor's ipod case be made of?)


  1. All very cute! The owl pj bag would be well loved in my house :-) - may need to make one too!

  2. Love the pajama keeper...I can't remember if I had one growing up or just had a serious case of envy because my friends all had one and I didn't!;)