Sunday, 19 February 2012

Mummy-and-me sewing (by stealth)

This book was a Christmas present, and it's been in the bed-time reading pile ever since. It's a Japanese book of patterns, all with matching mother-daughter options - and the photographs are so elegant and charming that I'm very, very tempted to give it a go.

Then the voice of reason whispers in my ear, and reminds me that these are photos of very glamorous and carefully styled models - and the matchy-matchy look might be harder to pull off on the school run.  So I'm dipping my toe into the water with some minimalist matchiness:

Here's the Colette meringue skirt (minus scallops as before) for me...

... and the O+S Family reunion dress for baby girl.
Not too matchy-matchy? But the inside stories are a little more co-ordinated:

This is mummy-and-me dressing by stealth (that is to say, for cowards). Maybe when I feel comfortable with this then I can move on to the fully co-ordinated look on the book cover.

But I'll have to do it quickly, before my little girl gets big enough to voice objections.


  1. I think mummy&me dressing is charming,if done well. I have seen this book and it is lovely.
    I do like that skirt but I am trying very hard not to look at Colette patterns.

  2. Heh,heh...I like "mummy-and-me dressing by stealth"! Both the dress and your skirt are lovely.

  3. I like this kind of mummy and me dressing, Catherine! Clever :-)