Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Order, order!

A new favourite skirt, hot off the sewing machine:

It's the Lisette Market Skirt in a thick charcoal wool, unusually (for me) embellished with lots and lots of ribbons.  I had a very particular vision for this skirt: multicoloured ribbons cut to random lengths all criss-crossing one another in dramatic diagonal stripes around the hemline. 

Then I came to pin the ribbons in place and something in my sewing subconscious said "no". So I pinned them in parallel lines instead, to keep my inner self happy.

I left the right side-seam - the one without the zip - open to allow for easier access to applique all those ribbons. A few would have crossed over the other side-seam, so I left those unfinished and then stitched them after closing it up.

The hem is finished with an Oliver+S trick from the Lazy-Days Skirt: one last ribbon used as a hem facing and top-stitched to the right side.

Look at that stepwise pattern! I really thought the ribbons were placed randomly (within the limits of being parallel, of course) but a pattern emerged despite all my best efforts...

So, this is my order-out-of-chaos skirt, and I'm loving it. As a happy side-effect, my ribbon store is a lot more ordered and less chaotic than it used to be. Perhaps I should listen to my inner organiser more often.


  1. Oh, Catherine! This looks amazing! Yay for 'me' sewing

  2. It's a beautiful skirt! I really like the colorful ribbons you added, it's a fun detail.

  3. Gorgeous, I love the clever ribbon hem. I am definitely going to give that a try.