Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A place for everything (or, storage solutions, writ small)

The runcible household is on the verge of a complete reshuffle: runciblegirl's bedroom will become a bathroom, the bathroom will become a staircase to the loft, and the loft will become two new bedrooms. 

And then there will be a place for everything (and everyone), and everything in its place.

My neighbour, who knows me well, understood the loft project immediately. "Imagine all the wonderful built-in storage", she squeaked. 

Husband looked a bit harrassed.

But, whilst waiting for Ikea / Conran nirvana, I've started my storage odyssey on a slightly smaller scale. Son#1 has a bunk-bed with a tiny little shelf, and is always losing things over the edge. It's a long climb down the ladder in the dark, and soon, given the season, it will be a bit chilly outside the bed covers, so he needs a storage solution now.

And here it is:

The front view - the red spotty pocket is elasticated along its top edge, and has been sewn vertically in two  places to create three little pockets.

The back view, with two strips of velcro...

... (now you see why I needed the ribbon - it covers the stitching for that velcro)...

... and the velcro holds it in place over the rail of the bunk.

Finally, the action shot - with torch and handkerchief safely in their pockets.

I wonder what the third pocket will hold?

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