Sunday, 15 May 2011

an elegant cake for a more civilised age...

Son#2 wanted needed a light sabre cake for his birthday party.

It's made of two swiss rolls (rolled lengthways) end to end, covered with ready-to-roll icing. 
(The blade should really be thinner than the handle, but that would have resulted in unacceptably small portions, so artistic integrity had to compromised.)

The blade is painted with blue food colouring and dusted with edible glitter, and the handle is painted with edible silver paint, decorated with lines of black icing and half a jelly baby as the 'on/off' button.

There was just enough black icing the add 'may the force be with you'.
My husband said that some words would 'help to site it in its context'.
I think that was code for 'give people a clue what it's meant to be'.

The swiss roll recipe came from Marguerite Patten's 'Complete Book of Teas'.
She didn't mention the light sabre option, but I feel sure that she and Obi-wan would have understood one another.

Son#2 was very happy. 

He says he'd like a Death Star next time...

1 comment:

  1. Too darn clever!
    My son would have loved that in his childhood too!
    Sadly he knew I just wasn't that creative.

    Happy sewing