Sunday, 28 November 2010

I say potato and you say...

One of the (unexpected) joys of this blog is looking at the 'stats' page and finding out who has been visiting me at runcibledays. I love looking at the map and knowing that someone in Portugal - or Chile, or Reunion, or Mexico - has been interested enough to read about my goings-on in England. And I love reading blogs from around the world and getting glimpses into other people's lives.

Every now and then I come across a word or a turn of phrase which reminds me that English is not quite the same language all around the world. When I lived in Queensland I soon learned that 'crook' can describe health rather than morality,  that 'thongs' can be footwear rather than lingerie, and why Australians are so entertained by talk of 'rooting' for a team. There was a whole thread on the O+S flickr group recently about alternative words for crossness on different continents. Even in the relatively contained world of sewing, there's always confusion to be found in the pants / trousers / bloomers situation.

And so, on to exhibit A: the Oliver + S Music Box Jumper...

Front view of the apple jumper 

and the back - with poppers (or maybe snaps?)
Isn't it lovely? I nearly missed this pattern altogether because when I hear 'jumper' I think 'woolly'. Apparently not in America (though I'm ready to be corrected on this one!). Anyway, this is a gorgeously simple little dress, which I'd probably have called a pinafore. The bodice is lined, and with french seams to finish the skirt the whole construction is a delight.

Music box jumper - the inside view.

I'm already making another - in a smaller print this time, hoping it will prove more pleat-friendly.

Thank you for looking, wherever you are!


  1. Hi C,
    Does this dress consist of 4 part, or is this one part folded? I mean the skirt?
    I do agree that "jumper" reminds me of a wooly too. :-)

  2. Hello Asel -

    the central panel is one piece cut on the fold, and the bodice front is the same. It's such an elegantly simple pattern - lovely to sew!

    Glad you share my jumper issues...

  3. Thanks for the link spoony!
    I had already read this!
    Very clever!
    See you round like a rissole !

  4. I'm a newbie sewer. The yokes r stumping me. I sewed ok until I got to number three. Cn't figure out how to attach yokes and turn it around. thanks for your help.

  5. Which pattern are you making, Anna? Let me know & I'll try to help!