Tuesday, 12 October 2010

In the orchard

 A celebration of apples, autumn and good neighbours...

The autumn sunshine is so lovely today that it has enticed me away from the sewing machine and into the garden.

It isn't really my own orchard (never mind) but a branch of our neighbours' tree which overhangs the garden wall. And they have, very kindly, given their blessing to a bit of controlled scrumping every autumn.

So, runciblegirl is learning to eat solids on a theme of apple mush. Apple and pear puree is a hit (the pears came from the neighbours on the other side - what can we offer in return?). Broccoli, carrot and apple has also been a surprising success.  Cauliflower, apple and squash is not quite so popular (and who can blame her?).

Meanwhile, it's apple crumble season for the rest of us, or occasionally tarte tatin if I'm feeling the need for a domestic goddess moment. The crumble is mainly a vehicle for lots of custard: the boys have been brainwashed into believing the skin is the best bit (ugh!) and they squabble over who gets to eat it

Back to sewing next time...

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