Friday, 1 May 2015

A Butterfly Birthday Ballet Bag

Remember the Railroad Tote?

I made a not-quite-new-year resolution to sew things which would be practical and much-used - rather than fanciful things which get forgotten in wardrobes. It's been a success, I use my tote every day, and have moved on to making them for friends and family. 

The only small glitch was with the one I made for my Dad - he didn't realise it was a gift and returned it, neatly folded, the following week.

("Awkward",  muttered son#1.)

Lesson learned: presents need to look the part.

So when my daughter turned five, I made her a pretty bag, and wrapped it up with ribbons and sparkles 
and bells and whistles.

She uses it all the time.

But then I signed up for the size 5 project and I had to make a dress as well...

It's for the sew-along on the Oliver+S blog - is that a good enough excuse for a little bit fanciful sewing?


  1. Excellent reason for some fanciful sewing!;)

    The bag looks great!

    1. Thank you, Cindy. It makes me so happy seeing it in action!

  2. That beautiful dress. I love it and the sew-a-long was great.

    1. Thanks, Nicole! It made me so happy to see my niece still squeezing into it last weekend.