Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Beautiful on the inside

This post is heartfelt (if a touch belated)


to the lovely Ana Sofia at S is for Sewing, who sent me a parcel of goodies from her recent giveaway.

Ana Sofia sews for her children, making them beautiful clothes which manage to be practical+fun as well as beautiful+timeless. I had previously thought of these two categories as being mutually exclusive, especially in the context of children's clothing, and so am a bit in awe of her beautiful sewing. 

Now, the giveaway included the Oliver + S After School pattern together with a piece of baby pink wool, and Ana Sofia's question was 'what would you do with these?'

My answer: a dress-length version of the After School top, for my daughter to wear through the winter.

And I really meant it... 

And yet, somehow, instead we have a scrumptious new skirt (all for me) lined in this cosiest of cosy warm wool.

Here it is in all its glory.

Oh - and that's just the inside. It has an outside view as well...

It's the Perfect Attire skirt pattern from Anna Maria Horner (view A), and I do indeed feel perfectly attired in it. 

And very warm.

Luckily, Ana Sofia's length of wool was more than generous, so there's plenty left to make something for my little runciblegirl as well. And she will definitely want the pink on the outside.